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Europa Conference League Tips & Predictions

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how does europa conference league work?

Playoff rounds in the elimination round, round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and championship game come after eight groups of four teams each. Before the round of 16, eight group runners-up and the third-place team from each Europa League group engage in additional knockout round play-offs. The eight group winners move directly to the round of 16, while this is also the case for eight other group winners.

Prior to the group stage, there are three qualifying rounds and a play-off round (split into a main path, and a champions path for those transferring from the Champions League and Europa League champions path). No teams advance to the group stage by default.

what do europa conference league winners get?

If they haven't previously qualified for the Champions League through their domestic league, the winners also receive a magnificent trophy and a position in the Europa League group stage the following season.

Why was the Europa Conference League introduced?

Thanks to the new format for UEFA club tournaments that was formed in 2021/22, at least one competition will have representatives from at least 34 UEFA national associations.

There must be a minimum of 14 domestic champions in each of the group stages of the Europa League, Champions League, and Europa Conference League, as well as eight to eleven and nine to twelve domestic champions, respectively. All three club competitions are available to all member associations, and there have been no changes to the quotas for any of the associations.

In a statement made in the wake of the 2018 Europa Conference League's acceptance, UEFA President Aleksander eferin said the following: UEFA's club tournaments are now more accessible than ever thanks to the new club competition. There will be more games for more clubs and organisations during the group stages.